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The fertility hotline
with Stephanie Anne

A text support membership that provides you with access to your very own personal fertility nurse always in your pocket and at hand, to be able to educate, guide or answer any questions that may arise over your menstrual cycle, when learning fertility awareness, when trying to conceive, during any fertility treatment, IVF, egg freezing or even during early pregnancy.

The Fertility Hotline

Your own personal fertility nurse always in your pocket

  • Two-week free trial to get started and see how you like using The Fertility Hotline!

  • Real-time personalised text support for as long as you subscribe to the membership

  • Answer to those questions that are bound to pop up over the month regarding your menstrual cycle, when trying to conceive, during fertility treatment, IVF, egg freezing or even during early pregnancy (of course these questions usually come to you in the middle of the night, so why not message a health professional) 

  • Access to information, resources, tools and educational videos that relate to your personal journey and are only available within the membership

  • Review of any menstrual cycle charts completed during your membership, just send through an image of your chart and what questions you want answered

  • Help to navigate any fertility treatment completed during your membership, just send through your plans or any questions you have and let's talk through them

  • Further support can be provided eg. a phone call or telehealth call at an additional cost​


(Please note this service does not replace professional medical advice and if I am unable your questions, I'll refer you to the relevant medical professional or organisation to help support you further!)

What's Included

Who is The Fertility Hotline for:



This membership is for women or people that menstruate who want to:


  • Access independent one-on-one support and advice via text

  • Be able to contact a health professional and fertility nurse as they need

  • Get reassurance and guidance on those questions that mainly pop up in the middle of the night as you're trying to go to sleep

  • Feel empowered to take control of their fertility, menstrual cycle and overall health

Because sometimes questions arise during your menstrual cycle, fertility journey or fertility treatment and it can be hard to know who to ask (I don't recommend asking Doctor Google). I can be there to help you navigate this confusing path and provide real-time education, reassurance and support right to your phone when needed! We can work together, collaborate as a team and to help you feel supported on your fertility journey! 


Complete the form and pay below to get started!

image of Stephanie Anne

How does it work?

Fill in your details in the form below

Tell us a little bit about you and your journey and make payment, this will enable Stephanie Anne to customise the program to suit you and your experience and activate your membership.

Start texting

Once your payment is received Stephanie Anne will email you the link to the Your Women's Health Educator app, where you can use the chat feature to start a conversation and get all of your questions answered right to your phone.


Keep in touch

Continue to text during your menstrual cycle, while TTC, completing fertility treatment, IVF, egg freezing, during early pregnancy or whenever something comes up along your fertility journey. Stephanie Anne will provide you with support, education, information and resources depending on what you need. She is here to help you every step of the way.* You can cancel anytime, you have control on the type of support you want to receive (see cancelation link below)!



*Stephanie Anne aims to respond to all messages or emails within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm AEST.

Already a member and need to update your bank details or cancel your membership? Click HERE to make changes to your membership.


Let's get you started using the Fertility Hotline...

Ready to take control of your fertility?

phone with image of stephanie anne calling

Access to your own personal fertility nurse for $39.99 AUD a month

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