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Hello lovelies,
I'm happy you're here!

And I will be your Women's Health and Fertility Educator!

I can't wait to get to know you better, discuss your goals and how I can be of assistance to you. Firstly, here's a little bit about me so you understand why I'm so passionate about women's and reproductive health. 


I'm an educator for women and people who menstruate, creating awareness, educating, and getting people talking about their bodies. With the premise that nothing is off-limits, and nothing is taboo, our bodies are far more complicated than we are taught to believe and there is more to it than just menstruating every month.

I am a Registered Nurse with a passion for everything women's and reproductive health and have worked in the field for over 10 years. Covering a range of specialities including gynaecology, fertility and IVF and early parenting programs.

When I started working as a fertility nurse, I thought I understood what my body was doing each and every month, but it turns out it was on a very basic level. I started to learn more about the menstrual cycle, the different stages and how they intertwine, and this sparked an interest in me to want to increase my understanding further. I commenced a Masters in Reproductive Medicine, and this only ignited the flame more. I started to learn all different aspects of what it meant to have a uterus, covering contraception to menopause to infections to what was happening at the cellular level and how it can be impacted in so many ways. I caught myself asking “why don’t more people know this information”?

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close up image of stephanie anne
Close up image of stephanie anne

I continually asked myself this question during my studies, especially during the contraception subject when I was introduced to the fertility awareness method (FAM) as a way to prevent pregnancy. At the time being a young woman and not on any contraception, learning that there was a way to understand the subtle signs and symptoms that my body was telling me each and every month during my cycles was mind-blowing. That started my journey into learning to track my own cycles and once I got the hang of it, I felt so inspired and empowered, like my body was telling me secrets only I knew and could understand. And I gained a newfound respect and appreciation for my body that I never had before.

I believe that knowledge is power and there is so much to learn about the human body, especially ones with ovaries and a uterus. So, to further increase my understanding I also became a trained teacher in the Foundations of Natural Fertility Education. Not only to help increase my knowledge but to gain more insight on how I could teach others to find the same empowerment and appreciation for their own bodies.


But my journey didn't stop there, another part of my story and why I became a women's health and fertility educator is that even though I have knowledge and experience from working and studying within the women’s health, fertility and IVF industry, I needed assistance when it came to TTC. I was relying on my body to do what it naturally is designed to do, which is mostly out of our control. In the end, I needed a little help along the way in the form of follicle-stimulating hormone injections and perfectly timed intercourse. But I have been, like many others, frustrated seeing that one line appear on pregnancy tests each month or seeing my period arrive and feeling betrayed by my own body.

But this journey helped me to put into practice all the things that I have learnt over the years regarding the menstrual cycle, fertility awareness and lifestyle factors that can impact fertility. This gave me control of my journey and really helped my mental health along the process as I had something else to focus on that I had full control over and that was making a difference to my overall general health and fertility!


From there started the idea to create a unique service with a mission to provide high-quality and evidence-based women's health and fertility education to all individuals in a simple, easy-to-understand way. But I didn't want to stop there! I wanted to use my skills, expertise and personal experiences to also offer extra support and guidance to those feeling confused on their TTC journey, unsure of the next steps or impacted by subfertility and infertility. Going through fertility treatment myself and working in the fertility industry opened my eyes to gaps in the service for more education and the need to sometimes take things back to basics.


I offer a range of programs if you are curious and want to learn in-depth about tracking your own menstrual cycle for contraception or conception purposes, discuss pre-pregnancy planning and how to prepare your body for a pregnancy, and guidance, and support for those impacted by subfertility or infertility and overall general health coaching for those that want to understand and feel empowered about their bodies. I want to be your cheerleader, cheering, supporting, and listening to you through all stages of your fertility journey. Think of me as your personal fertility nurse, mother nature educator or menstrual cycle investigator, wanting you to tell me all about your periods and discharge and more. 

If you dislike words like moist or mucus or when people talk about vulvas or vaginas, then I challenge you to book a session with me or read the blog to discover and navigate the wonderful world of our amazing bodies!

I continually strive to provide my clients with high quality and evidence-based healthcare. I am a member of Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand, ESHRE, European Fertility Society and am registered with AHPRA.

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My Purpose and Vision

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To enable everyone an opportunity to learn fascinating and incredible things about their bodies in an easy to understand way. From head to toe, inside and out and everything in between.


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To give people a voice, know what is normal or abnormal and when to ask more questions. I want to advocate for all clients but also enable everyone to be advocates for themselves and know when to use their voice and speak up about their health.



To encourage  everyone to want to learn more, to feel comfortable within their body and get people talking and sharing what they discover to help inspire others.


To enable everyone to build strength, courage and confidence on their path of health and wellbeing or journey to conceive.


What are you waiting for? 
Are you ready to take control of your fertility?
Book a free discovery call with me today and let's start the conversation and education!

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