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Our road trip together awaits!

Are you ready to take the next steps?

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How I Can Assist You

I help you to open your eyes to how your body works and empower you to take control of your menstrual cycle and overall health. I can help you switch to a natural, low-cost method to avoid pregnancy or discuss pre-conception planning and teach you how to optimise fertility potential. I can provide assistance and guidance to those trying to conceive, help navigate options, create discussion points that you can have with your doctor and work with you and/or your doctor to help you through your fertility treatment and achieve your goals.

For those wanting to improve fertility and overall health, I use a nursing overall head-to-toe assessment framework during my 1:1 consultations to work through modifiable lifestyle factors that can impact fertility and reproduction. Giving you a holistic overview on the lifestyle factors that you CAN control when your TTC journey can feel like you are slowly losing control.

It's important to recognise that as an educator and coach, I can inform, educate, inspire, guide, discuss, cheer, empower, support and advocate for you through your journey. I am not a doctor, so therefore, I cannot diagnose and prescribe medications. 

However, it's all about working together, collaborating as a team and following the same path to reach your health goals.

So which journey are we taking together? See how you can work with me below!

*Partners are welcome to get involved and be a part of any of the appointment types below*

Service RHA an PPP

Reading The Road Map To Reproductive Health 

Do you feel that the sex education you had growing up wasn't sufficient?
Is there more you want to learn about the reproductive system?

This education session with cover:

  • Basic human reproduction

  • Anatomy of both genders

  • Hormones

  • Puberty

  • The menstrual cycle

  • Sperm production

  • Cervical mucus and its role in fertility

  • Fertilisation and implantation

  • Sexual behaviour

  • Different contraception options

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Age and fertility

  • Assisted reproductive technologies (eg IVF)

Everything you need to know to feel comfortable about reproductive health for now and in the future. Information you can take with you and use over the ever-changing needs of your reproductive life.

1 hour 30-minute session - $160

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FAM contraception

Learning The Road Rules To Avoid Pregnancy

Are you looking for a way to increase your understanding and awareness of your body?
Unsure if other forms of contraception are right for you?
Do you want a natural, easy-to-use, low-cost way to avoid pregnancy from menarche to the menopause?

This education session will cover:

  • Understanding Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)

  • Basic human reproduction and the menstrual cycle

  • The sympto-thermal method for tracking menstrual cycles

  • Benefits and disadvantages of this method

  • How to use FAM effectively to avoid pregnancy

  • What can disrupt this method

  • How to combine FAM with other forms of contraception 

  • When to start charting following special circumstances

  • Sexually transmitted infections

  • Age and fertility

It takes a minimum of 3 menstrual cycles to learn how to effectively use FAM as a form of contraception. Get ongoing support during and between your sessions to feel comfortable and confident with your chosen contraception.

4  sessions - $380
(1x 1 hour 30-minutes initial session plus x3 1 hour sessions analysing 3 menstrual cycles. Ongoing email and text support throughout this timeframe)  

7 sessions - $665
(1x 1 hour 30-minute initial session plus x6 1 hour session analysing 6 menstrual cycles. Ongoing email and text support throughout this timeframe)

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FAM conception

On The Highway Wanting To Achieve Pregnancy

Are you thinking of or planning to get pregnant now or in the near future?
Are you unsure of the subtle signs indicating fertility?
Or don't know when to have intercourse to maximise your chances to conceive?

This education session will cover:

  • Assessment of you and your partners medical history

  • Understanding Fertility Awareness to achieve pregnancy

  • Basic human reproduction

  • Sperm production and the menstrual cycle

  • Pre-pregnancy planning

  • The sympto-thermal method for tracking menstrual cycles

  • How to use fertility awareness to achieve pregnancy

  • What can disrupt this method

  • Age and fertility

  • Discussion regarding when to seek help if struggling to conceive

This session will give you all the information and guidance you need to help learn about your body, how to identify when you are fertile and optimise your chances of conceiving.

1 hour 30-minute session - $160

(Includes ongoing text or email for simple questions, if needing further assistance following consultation or haven't conceived and want to discuss your charts, please book a follow-up session below)

IVF support

On the Rollercoaster of TTC or Lost And Needing Directions To Conceive

Do you feel lost on your journey of trying to conceive?
Do you feel your doctor has not been helpful and has not provided guidance?
Are you wanting advice before seeing a specialist?
Or have you seen a specialist and have more questions than answers?

This consultation is guided by you and what you want to discuss to help navigate your TTC journey. Instead of getting lost down the rabbit hole of Dr Google let's have an open discussion regarding how long you should try for before seeking help and ways in which you can assist your fertility through lifestyle and environmental changes. Someone to help you navigate the different tests and treatment options available, why they are recommended and how they work, from someone who understands the processes. Or it may be simply helping you figure out the best questions you should ask your potential and or current fertility specialist. Whatever it is you want to know, let's talk about it, figure out a plan and navigate this journey together.

1-hour consult - $200
(Women's Health Coaching - 1x 1-hour  session plus ongoing text and email support for 1 menstrual cycle) 


Have more questions regarding your menstrual cycle after already learning the sympto-thermal method?
Need help determining non-fertile or fertile days on your charts?
Are you wanting to discuss your menstrual cycle charts as you still haven't conceived following a previous consultation?

Book a follow-up session to help answer all your questions

30-minute consult - $70

If you have questions about any of the consultations or prices or live in Melbourne and want help or assistance with injections please feel free to contact me to have a further discussion

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