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There is a free, natural way to avoid pregnancy...
and it doesn't involve a pill

Even the movie Mean Girls had us worried that if we had sex we would easily get pregnant and die. But in reality that’s not always the case and there is only a small window each month where conception is possible, learning how to modify your sexual behaviour during this can be a very effective form of contraception.

You're in the right place if you are...

  • Confused about where to start on your fertility journey.

  • Wanting to understand your body and menstrual cycle

  • Wanting to break up with the birth-control pill

  • Wanting to learn a natural form of contraception

  • Unsure how to to identify your fertile window

  • Wanting to learn the best time in your menstrual cycle to avoid sex if not wanting to become pregnant

  • Wanting to learn how to optimise your menstrual cycle and fertility, not just for pregnancy but for your overall health

  • Asking Dr Google for fertility awareness advice.

  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the confusing and conflicting information online.

  • Wanting to be in control of your fertility journey.

Program Options


The Fertility Hotline Membership

Your own fertility nurse always

in your pocket

  • Includes a two-week free trial

  • Real-time personalised text support for the duration of your membership

  • To help answer those questions that pop up over your menstrual cycle, while learning fertility awareness

  • Access to education, information and resources that relate to your personal journey

  • (Only available to those that have already completed the 12-Week Fertility Journey and want a little bit more support)

$39.99 AUD per month

road with trees

12-Week Fertility Journey

3 months of 1:1 support

  • 1 x 90-minute initial consultation

  • 5 x 1-hour fortnightly follow-up appointments

  • Pre-session assessment of you and your partners (if applicable) medical history, lifestyle and fertility journey so far

  • A thorough personalised plan to help you learn fertility awareness to avoid pregnancy

  • On-demand text or email support over the duration of your program

  • 3-months free to the Read Your Body App

  • Fertility awareness and cycle charting workbook

  • Plus, additional information and resources depending on your fertility journey and needs


From $997 AUD

Payment plans available

Who is the 12-week Fertility Journey for:



My signature 1:1 comprehensive 3-month (3 menstrual cycles) program is for women or people who menstruate who want to:


  • Invest in their health and fertility

  • Learn in-depth about how their body works

  • Feel empowered to take control of their fertility, menstrual cycle and overall health.

  • Have a personalised program and support providing you with everything you need to learn about your body, fertility awareness and how to effectively usual your bodies subtle cues as a form of contraception.

Because we don't get a manual to understand our body, although we really should, but you don’t need to figure it out alone. I can be there to help you navigate this confusing path! We can work together, collaborate as a team and follow the same road to reach your health and contraceptive goals!

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number 2
number 2

What will you learn?

Exactly how to chart and interpret your menstrual cycle

Helping solve the mystery of "What the hell was that discharge?!" Learn all about the superpower of cervical mucus when it comes to fertility, how to identify the fertile window and ovulation as well as learn how to use your menstrual cycle as a vital sign, helping to identify patterns, problems and clues about your overall general health. Ultimately, learning how to use the fertility awareness method as a your chosen form of contraception.

How you can make healthy lifestyle choices that will enhance your fertility and menstrual cycle health

Giving you a holistic overview of the lifestyle factors that you CAN control. Lifestyle factors can sometimes be overlooked and can play a big role in the health of your menstrual cycle. Having fertile cycles, where ovulation is occurring is so important for all people who experience periods.


Have support to work through your fertility journey

Helping to navigate where to go on your fertility journey. Explaining all the medical jargon or tests, treatments and procedures that may be discussed by doctors depending on your situation, in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Helping you to be your own advocate when it comes to discussing your options. Whether its navigating contraception, assessing your fertility, looking into endometriosis, PCOS, egg freezing or any other women's health concern, it's not just about having support to learn fertility awareness, I'll be here to help support you in regards to all aspects of your health.


If applicable, help you to navigate fertility treatments

Have the support and guidance you need when you feel like you are on a conveyor belt of your fertility clinic going from one stage to the next. Have independent guidance that you call upon at any stage of your fertility treatment.


But overall...


Giving you the knowledge, resources and support you need to feel empowered to understand your menstrual cycle and fertility and use it as a natural, hormone-free form of birth-control!

Image of Stephanie Anne

Let’s face it, there is more to avoiding pregnancy than just using the pill.



When I was a young girl looking for advice and guidance about my menstrual cycle and contraception, I was unfortunately always left unsatisfied by doctors and other health professionals.

I found out in my late 20's that I could no longer be on the birth-control pill because of a genetic blood clotting disorder that I discovered I had. But the next "best" option discussed with me was the contraceptive implant, which I ended up having removed after 1 year due to the side effects I experienced.

Then it wasn't until completing my Master's in Reproductive Medicine that I learnt about Fertility Awareness as a form of contraception, and after learning everything I could about it and working with a trained teacher I started using this as my chosen form of contraception.

I understand fertility awareness is not going to be for everyone, it takes time to learn and master but the empowerment and love it has given me for my body and understanding of my menstrual cycle is everything I have been searching for! I wish someone had told me that this was an option to use to avoid pregnancy a lot sooner!

So I am here to tell you about it, help make it easy for you to learn and to give you back control of your fertility.

My program will give you a personalised plan to take charge of your fertility, learning how to avoid pregnancy naturally so you can finally break up with the birth-control pill for good. Plus, I’ll be an extra support and resource that you can add to your healthcare team!

I’m so excited and can’t wait to be a part of your journey!


Stephanie Anne x

So which journey are we taking together?

Our road trip together awaits! Choose a program from the options below to learn more.


Fertility Hotline Membership

Your own fertility nurse

always in your pocket

road with trees

12-week Fertility


3 months of 1:1 support

Unsure of which option may be best for you?

That's okay! Book a free no-obligation discovery call where we can dive deeper and discuss your fertility journey to figure out the best program for you or send me an email to

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